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I have had the pleasure of being advised by John for the past 6 years in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. He recommended the pre ICO Digitex Futures and it has increased 10 fold. He has consistently proven to be one of the most driven and professional individuals I have worked with within the financial service industry.

Alan Ward October 18, 2018

John's knowledge in the Finance Industry is second to none, he is a great leader and director and always strives to get the best and achieve the best from his teams, with the highest level of professionalism. He has a great understanding of what clients' needs are and what would benefit them the most in their financial life. I would always highly recommend John in any aspect as a person, colleague or as a Financial Expert in his field. Now he's moved in to advising on ICOs in the crypto space. There really is no stopping him!

Sophie Grech April 13, 2018

Bringing with him decades of Industry experience - he was my trainer and mentor in the eighties - and now moving in to the world of crypto, John is in tune with the markets in which he operates. Constantly seeking new solutions for his clients, he sets high standards. He is both dynamic and balanced in his approach and a source of expertise in his field.

Chris Sargeant February 21, 2018

I met John recently when I was invited to talk at a convention for the Lion Asset Management consultants in Asia. I was very impressed by the organisation of the event and by John’s engaging manner, his infectious enthusiasm and his obvious leadership skills.

I was billed to speak straight after John. He gave such an inspiring address to the assembled consultants, traders and clients that when I stepped on to the stage I immediately invited them to show their appreciation once again. The audience needed no encouragement at all - they gave him another deafening round of applause! Which says it all.

Phil Macintyre September 26, 2016

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A great trader. Determined and driven. John is always on a mission to do the best for his clients, his staff and the company he works for. The client trading seminars hosted by him are always superb. He always seeks to improve the current by considering the wide possibilities that can be implemented. A pleasure to work with.

Aarav Singh June 8, 2014

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