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We were early adopters and miners of bitcoin. We have helped HUNDREDS of our clients become millionaires.

We blend fundamental, technical and sentiment analysis to achieve the best possible result at forecasting future trends. 

WhyLose.com Acquisitions

WhyLose.com announced the acquisition of RacingTraders.co.uk, BetTornado.com and JuiceStorm.com including all intellectual property rights and the software application known as BetTrader on 6th February 2023.


Automated Betfair trading since 2007. Grab their free Betfair Trading strategies today and follow the steps in the video to go live now for UK and IE horse racing.


A profitable automated 24/7 betting solution for the Betfair GB, IE and AU horse racing markets. It takes less than 5 minutes to get started.


The first trading application for Betfair since 2004. BetTrader also introduced the ladder trading interface which became the industry standard.

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The Personal Finance Society has 40,000 members worldwide and our founder has been a member since 1986.

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