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  •  Aged Offshore Companies.
  • Privacy, Asset Protection and Tax Shelter.
  • "Like a good wine, an offshore company can improve with keeping…"

An aged corporation is one which has already been registered a number of years ago without your doing. Typically, shelf companies have not been active during their corporate life. Sometimes they have been sold by their former proprietors after going out of business. Rather than close down the corporation entirely, there are still a few bucks to be made by selling the “shell” either to interested investors or to companies specializing in buying and selling such firms.

The advantage of an aged company is both legal and psychological.

Suppose you want to sell your current business to an offshore Panama corporation to become a Previous Taxpayer forever. You will probably want to continue manufacturing or trading, whatever may be your source of income, but by “selling out” to a foreign firm, profits accrued can be legally transferred tax free abroad in most civilized countries.

Now you can bet your ass (as well as your assets) that your friendly local tax agency will be very sorry to lose you as a client of long standing renown. If you set up an offshore corporation in the same year you are selling out to them, this is plain dumb policy as nobody will believe in such a “lucky” coincidence.

Mind you, technically this is not illegal – but it's a question of credibility. And experience has shown that most countries' revenue agencies will assume that you are guilty of illegal tax evasion, thus burdening you with the hassle of having to prove otherwise. Not so, however, with a shelf company which was incorporated, say, 5 or 10 years before your “sell-out”, possibly even before you set up shop in the first place. In this case, your tax agency may still be somewhat reluctant to believe you but it would be very hard for them to construe a case of tax evasion that way.

On the other hand, you might have made a hasty business deal on a handshake without the paperwork to back it up. Now the time for annual filing is coming around, you need to regularize the situation. You therefore need an aged company from only a year or two ago that was around when you made that deal! (In some countries, this could be construed as illegal tax evasion - if you are in doubt, we suggest you seek advice from the competent tax authorities).

Please note, though, that supply of aged companies is strictly limited and opting for a specific vintage corporation will incur a surcharge. Generally the incorporation price is the same, but you will also need to pay the accrued annual fees from the time of incorporation of that company, up to date.

We believe we have the best guide on asset protection and tax relief. No hype, just cold facts!. Any additional doubt or request you may have will be answered by using our contact form. Of course, we can provide many more available services than those described here.

Fast Bank Accounts
A personal or company tax free offshore bank account can be yours in a surprisingly short period of time. No hassles with our European Union banks.
  Mail Drops
Mail drops R Us! Starting from US$150 with more than 50 countries to select from.


Offshore Tax Free Companies
Maintain your privacy using bearer share companies in the world's top tax havens.
  Books and Reports
If you wish to learn more about or further your right to privacy and sovereignty then look no further.
Anonymous ATM Cards
Our ATM cards are the best on the net. Credit cards available as well.
Forex trading posts made by LAM with a  trading options and futures Blog.

Lion Asset Management: Asset Protection

We help clients obtain true sovereignty and to protect what's left of your privacy in a legitimate manner. Some of the products and services we offer include:

  • Second passports
  • Legal residency programs
  • Anonymous ATM debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Private consultation with offshore experts
  • Bearer share companies
  • Trusts and Foundations
  • Free Newsletter
  • Books & Reports
  • A cornucopia of tax-free, offshore bank accounts
  • Plus much more--

Lion Asset Management: Trading

  • The philosophy at Lion Asset Management for our trading operation is to focus on major trend reversals, keeping ourselves ahead of the pack in the FX, commodity, bond and stock markets. We then issue interim fx forecasts as well as stock and bond reports to update our macro outlook. Selected reports are available free with headlines and links placed on the left side of this site under What's Hot.
  • We blend fundamental, technical and sentiment analysis to achieve the best possible result at forecasting future trends. We do NOT currently accept new clients for our alert service but you are welcome to check back here to see the profits we are making trading our own accounts. More--

Lion Lead Management:

  • We currently have lead generation programs running in UK, Mainland Europe, USA, Australia and Canada.
  • We can provide you the highest quality lead at the most economical price by CUTTING OUT THE MIDDLE MAN. Many lead companies buy and sell leads for a profit between each other. Their leads might have been used dozens of times. We come from that background so we really know how it works. In fact, you might even be buying from such a company right now.
  • We have a very small client base and ONLY licence each lead to one client. We NEVER sell our leads to other lead companies so we always retain control. Therefore by purchasing directly from us, you get better, high quality leads, for less. And your potential clients won't be fed up with calls or email when they've already said they don't want to be contacted again. More--

Lion Recruitment:

  • Our current featured vacancy is in Asia and flights and accommodation are paid for by our client. The position is for a Financial Sales Advisor/Stockbroker
  • As an accomplished sales professional you’re already used to success, now build on your success with the support of an International Company!
  • Salary: $150,000+ OTE. Some of our clients' established advisors earn considerably more.
  • The right candidates will have excellent communication skills and be able to demonstrate drive, ambition and a goal orientated personality. It is essential that you understand the demands of financial sales success and demonstrate the determination to make this happen by contacting qualified prospects by telephone worldwide.
  • Self motivation is the key along with strong interpersonal skills and an already successful track record in your existing field. Financial sales experience is not required and age is not a barrier.
  • Candidates must be prepared to re-locate to Asia or mainland Europe. More--

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  • In recent years there has been a sharp rise in commodity, stock and foreign currency trading fraud and scams. Consumers should be alert to investment fraud, scams and companies that sell forex trading and commodity opportunities based on sales pitches claiming that customers can make a lot of money with little risk.
  • Sales solicitations appearing in newspapers, telemarketing, radio or television promotions, or attractive Internet websites, touting high-return, low-risk investment opportunities in foreign currency trading more often than not are fraud or a scam. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is.
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