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M&G Recovery, the ‘dog fund’ that has slipped from pedigree to mutt

The investment vehicle that had been feted by financial advisers is now a ‘disappointment’

Two years ago Guardian Money highlighted the miserable investment performance at one of the UK’s most popular funds among small investors, M&G Recovery. The manager, Tom Dobell, asked for patience, telling investors he “profoundly and emphatically” believed his portfolio of shares represented good long-term value, and that “we will stick this out until we have to”.…

Financial singularity: is it a mirage?

Analysts imagine a world where investment decisions can be entrusted to a software programme, but in reality, human judgment will always play a role

In their new book The Incredible Shrinking Alpha, Larry E Swedroe and Andrew L Berkin describe an investment environment populated by increasingly sophisticated analysts who rely on big data, powerful computers, and scholarly research.…