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Offshore trusts: what are they?

What is the difference between a private offshore trust and a fund for savers? Are they all designed to avoid tax? We explain the investment vehicles that are in the news

Who has offshore trusts?

In the past, they were mostly wealthy British citizens seeking to hold their money outside the UK to avoid income tax and capital gains tax on their earnings, and to pass their wealth to heirs without inheritance tax.…

Your money and morality can’t lead separate lives | Zoe Williams

The right struggles to align its beliefs with how it spends and saves. But the left has problems too

You might think it too soon to start speculating about the tax planning of Ronnie Corbett, but not for the Sunday Telegraph: he “spared” his daughters a six-figure tax bill, the paper reports, by selling his large family home, buying a bungalow, giving them the money and then surviving for another seven years so that the gift wouldn’t be taxed.…

Looking for ethical investments? Here are a few that could be worth your energy

Green schemes have their risks, but can hopefully generate bank-beating returns of 9% a year – and a couple of them have illustrious connections

Ethically minded individuals looking for potential returns of as much as 9.9% a year, and who are prepared to take some risks with their money, are being offered the chance to invest in a range of “green” schemes – one of which has been praised by David Cameron, no less.…