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Trippy Bunny NFT Donates $220k Mint Proceeds To Suicide Prevention Foundation

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Trippy Bunny NFT, a new Solana-based nonfungible token project, decided that it would donate 100% of its mint sale proceeds to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Trippy Bunny made this announcement on Twitter on Suicide Prevention Day. World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) is an awareness day observed on September 10th every year. Since 2003, it has focused on providing worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides. The International Association for Suicide Prevention collaborates with the World Health Organization and also the World Federation for Mental Health.

According to the WHO Global Health Estimates, more than 700 000 people die by suicide every year. That is one person every 40 seconds. In 2019, suicide accounted for 1.3% of all deaths worldwide, making it the 17th leading cause of death.

The Trippy Bunny NFT

Trippy Bunny minted 1,111 NFTs on September 10th, and each collectible was valued at 1.11 Solana (SOL). This sale amounted to $220,886. They collected the mint proceeds through Gemini dollars (GUSD). 100% of this amount will subsequently go towards the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

 The Trippy Bunny project published the transaction hash identification, which appeared on Etherscan.

The Giving Block facilitated the GUSD token transfer. Founded in 2018, The Giving Block is the only nonprofit-specific solution for accepting cryptocurrency donations. It has launched several initiatives to increase charitable contributions from the blockchain industry. The company’s latest initiative, Crypto Giving Pledge, encourages digital asset investors to pledge at least 1% of their holdings to charities each year. And also for cryptocurrency companies to contribute 1% of their revenue toward similar causes. “If the entire crypto community took the Crypto Giving Pledge today, that would mean $20 Billion for nonprofits.”

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According to this Cointelegraph article, Alex Wilson, co-founder of The Giving Block, said: “We’re excited to continue to see such generosity from NFT creators and the broader crypto community,”.
He also stated “The NFT community has raised millions for many important causes and it’s great to see Trippy Bunny choose the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. We hope this donation inspires more donations like it.”

Featured image from @TrippyBunnyNFT on Twitter

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