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“I have had the pleasure of working with John for the past 6 years in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. He has consistently proven to be one of the most driven and professional individuals I have worked with within the financial service industry.” September 7, 2012

“John’s Knowledge in the Finance Industry is second to none, he is a great leader and Director and always strives to get the best and achieve the best from his teams, with the highest level of professionalism. He has a great understanding of what clients needs are and what would benefit them the most in there financial life.I would always highly recommend John in any aspect as a person, collegue or as a Financial Expert in his field.” April 13, 2012

“When you work with John you immediately notice that he is a very amiable, self-motivated and energetic person. He is an excellent team leader and his motivation helps to constantly increase Western Europe’s financial success and also supports Western Europe’s offices to constantly keep on expanding. John is the perfect role model as he shows extreme determination and inspiration to all Lion Asset Management financial advisers. John runs his teams in a highly organised and professional manner. Each of his offices, offer constant support for all employees, ongoing training, professional and also enjoyable working environments.” February 28, 2012

“I’ve been working in Johns region of Western Europe for 6 weeks working in the Brussels office which has been a great experience. Western Europe region is the best region to join to learn the business. Training and support is excellent and the team are a good bunch. Everyone has been very supportive and everything is here for you to make it work.” February 27, 2012

“Having built a team doing business in Dubai, John has now embarked on building a whole region for the Lion Asset Management Group. It is not everybody who can step out into new territory and make a success of it, as different skills are needed. But John is making a success of Asia by building good teams, hard work and discipline.” February 27, 2012

“John has exceptional people skills and strong leadership capabilities. His work ethic is professional and takes his responsibilities very seriously. He has excellent communication skills, and conducts himself in a professional manner at all times. His knowledge of the Financial Industry is complex and comprehensive. I strongly acknowledge his enthusiasm, motivation and dedication.” February 24, 2012

“Bringing with him years of Industry experience, John is in tune with the markets in which he operates. Constantly seeking new solutions for his clients, he sets high standards. He is both dynamic and balanced in his approach and a source of expertise in his field.” February 21, 2012

“I have worked for John for close to 2 years in his Lion Asset Management Geneva office, and am both impressed and inspired by him every time we have met. As an individual, Johns range of knowledge and his genuine passion and drive for all he does is such a great example to the rest of us at Lion Asset Management Western Europe and he absolutely leads from the front.

Johns attention to the finer details and belief in delivering the full financial package and exceptional service to clients has enabled him to grow Lion Asset Management successfully in recent years and i know under his guidance it will continue to grow and succeed for a long time. Thanks John.” February 21, 2012

John is an exceptionally focused individual, results driven with attention to detail. His support and energy are boundless. Having worked closely with John over the last 3 years he has helped me improve as a person and in my role with Lion Asset Management. My Success and my team’s success is down to the help, support and training he has given me over this time.” February 21, 2012

“I have been advised by John for over 20 years now. He is very knowledgeable, incredibly focussed and driven. He genuinely believes in what he does and his enthusiasm is infectious. I value highly any time I’m able to spend with him as I always learn from the experience.” February 21, 2012

“John is not only a dedicated, hard working individual, but is always willing to share his time and knowledge with others. His enthusiasm is infectious, he shows a real can do attitude.” October 19, 2011

“Some people are born to lead and John is one of those. Motivational, inspiring, incredibly driven and passionate about what he does and very knowledgeable in the finance world. Where he goes you follow and you’d better keep up if you want to be on the ride of a lifetime.” October 19, 2011

“I have worked with John for the last two years and in that time I have not only seen my standards change and improve but also many of the the team John leads at Lion Asset Management. He has extreme energy and drive with the passion to continuously push the boundaries with increased professionalism and continued success. The best leader I have worked with in my career.” October 18, 2011

“I met John recently when I was invited to talk at a convention for the Lion Asset Management consultants in Asia. I was very impressed by the organisation of the event and by John’s engaging manner, his infectious enthusiasm and his obvious leadership skills. I was billed to speak straight after John. He gave such an inspiring address to the assembled consultants that when I stepped on to the stage I immediately invited them to show their appreciation once again. The audience needed no encouragement at all — they gave him another deafening round of applause! Which says it all ….” September 26, 2011

“John is a born leader with phenomenal energy, power, presence and skills. It’s always extremely inspirational to meet him and a pleasure to work with and for him.” August 15, 2011,

“John, has proved time and time again, what an excellent manager he is. With innovative training and forward think and planning, he has taken Western Europe, Asia and myself to another level. Words cannot explain John, but his actions and results do. A pleasure to work with him/for him on all fronts.” August 15, 2011

“With his positive ‘can-do’ attitude, John has taken Lion Asset Management from strength to strength. With the exceptional planning and implementation of ideas he gets the most out of his team and ensures that they are constantly developing.” August 8, 2011

“John is an extremely dedicated, talented, focused and hard working professional. I have worked with him for over 6 years now and in that time have realised that there are few managers who have the ability to inspire, motivate and train on John’s level. His talents are wide ranging and I would without hesitation recommend him both as a trainer and manager at all levels.” August 4, 2011

“John has been a pleasure to work with during my time at Lion Asset Management. He is a very useful sound board for new ideas and strategies. Above all else he is a great motivator which has and will continue to allow him to get the absolute most out of his team.” August 3, 2011

“John leads the way is everything he does, he inspires and helps individuals to achieve their goals offers guidance and motivation. He is very results driven and gives 110% to his work and its success.” July 29, 2011

“John is the nuts. He makes things happen, he lifts you up, cuts to the core of what is real and makes you sit up and take notice, his training is the best I have ever witnessed over many years in the industry, one hell of a driven and passionate individual, he is focused, dedicated to his cause and totally driven to achieve the absolute best he can from whomever he is in front of, one hell of a motivator and manager, if you get the chance, work with him, he rocks.” July 29, 2011

“I have worked with John for two years at Lion Asset Management Group. His knowledge and management have been invaluable to me and my colleagues and I am sure his leadership will continue to benefit the business as a whole and the service provided to clients across Western Europe.

John is an enthusiastic and approachable manager with a talent for motivating staff.” July 29, 2011

“John is a complete professional, and is very well respected both by his colleagues and by his business partners. It was a pleasure working with him, and I wish him all the best for the future.” June 22, 2011

“John is phenomenal at his job and constantly pushes the whole of the team for maximum efficiency. It’s great to have somebody like him at the core of our business.” June 21, 2011

“John is a very focussed individual, passionate about what he does. He demands excellence from those he works with and rewards those who deliver.” June 20, 2011,

“John eats and sleeps his role and will stop at nothing to achieve his end goal. In fact he probably achieved most peoples career objectives at the end of his 1st working year!” June 16, 2011

“John looks for and finds the best in people. A born leader, one who leads by example through his hard work, determination and passion. I have confidence in his judgement and am personally grateful for the guidance he has given me since joining Lion Asset Management.” June 12, 2011

“John’s professionalism, attention to detail and work ethic cannot help but have a positive impact on you. His industry knowledge and refusal to accept anything other than first place not only helped me develop on a professional level, but his support and commitment during difficult times made him a pleasure to work for. Once you work with him, you soon realise his thorough approach and organisation is like nothing you have seen before. Success is guaranteed.” June 9, 2011

“Focused, determined and driven. John is always on a mission to do the best for his clients, his staff and the company he works for. He always seeks to improve the current by considering the wide possibilities that can be implemented..a pleasure to work with” June 8, 2011

“John really is the driving force, his leadership has seen tremendous levels of growth. He is a manager who leads from the front and has a energy and passion that is unparalleled. John demands 110% from all who work under him and rewards accordingly. His support and infectious drive to succeed are the major factors to which I attribute where I am in my career to date.” March 17, 2011

“John gets the job done, he is truly an inspirational leader. Never have I known a person so committed to being the best and his ridiculously high standards he sets himself are infectious. He is someone that I would walk over hot coals for. Top man.” February 20, 2011

“John is one of the most driven and inspirational people I have had the pleasure to meet. Focused and detail-oriented, John has a passion for success that filters through from top to bottom. He has always shown a genuine desire to lead and inspire through innovation and consultation.” February 20, 2011

“John is a proven builder of businesses exemplified by his time in the Middle East . His experience there will stand him in good stead to build another successful business in Europe . I have every confidence in his ability, passion and drive.” January 26, 2011

“Having worked with John in the Middle East for several years, I built up a strong respect for his consistency, commitment and attention to detail. He exhibited excellent leadership skills and a proactive approach to developing those people who reported to him. This has resulted in his well-deserved growth of Lion Asset Management and the promotion and growth of many members of his team, who have followed in his success.” January 20, 2011

“John is a highly energised, professional and experienced Manager. His expertise is a very large driving force behind our company and is someone who inspires others to work to their maximum capability.” January 14, 2011

“A professional, energetic, manager that gives total commitment and gets maximum results.” January 13, 2011

“John is an extremely experienced and well respected professional in the European, Asian & Middle East Wealth Management Industry. As a service provider to John, I have always been impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail that has enabled him to build one of the largest and most successful Wealth Management groups in Europe, Middle East and Asia.” January 13, 2011

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