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Check out some of the examples of the big moves from BTCUSD Alerts . We do NOT advise exits. The exits shown were the exits taken by our BTCUSD crypto fund.



Many of our existing clients and friends of Lion Asset Management have asked to receive the alerts which are used for DigiBot. The great news is that we have again opened membership and you can now receive the alerts in the Telegram alerts channel when you subscribe to BTCUSD Alerts here. The cost is for a year from the date that you subscribe.

In the Telegram alerts channel you will receive the entry price and other relevant information. Signals are based on a vast array of methodologies and an example of just one criteria is given on each chart issued in the Telegram alerts channel.

The alerts mirror the entries for our BTCUSD crypto fund which is open only to sophisticated, accredited and high net worth clients that are introduced to Lion Asset Management by an existing client. Some examples of the big moves from BTCUSD Alerts are below. We do NOT advise exits. The exits shown were the exits taken by our our BTCUSD crypto fund.

Lion Asset Management uses a proprietary black box rules based trading model for all our managed funds. The alerts you will receive are identical to every entry in our BTCUSD fund.

Black box trading applications are also referred to as “quant,” “automated” or “algorithmic” systems.

In accordance with a concrete set of analytical parameters, the black box scans the BTCUSD market for trading opportunities.

Upon the defined criteria being met, a market entry point or “signal” is created. Each signal is a prompt for the automated system to enter a specific market. No longer do you need to be a sophisticated, accredited or high net worth participant to benefit from our managed fund entries. As a retail trader you now have access to profitable BTCUSD Alerts.

BTCUSD Alerts watch the charts for you around the clock 24/7 as it is impossible to keep your eyes on the BTCUSD markets at all times.

Why stay glued to your desk or screen, waiting for the perfect trading conditions, when you can have the most powerful monitoring solution available on the market today do it for you?

Restore your work-life balance with BTCUSD Alerts and make the most of your reclaimed time doing the things you enjoy! Please enable notifications in the Telegram alerts channel.

The founder of has been a member of the Personal Finance Society and its predecessor since 1987. The Personal Finance Society is part of the CII Group which was granted its Royal Charter in 1912. The Group is the leading professional body for the global financial services profession with over 100,000 members in 150 countries.

BTCUSD Alerts are not inducements to invest at or in any market. Membership and access to the Telegram alerts channel is for information and educational purposes only.

28 reviews for BTCUSD Alerts

  1. Alan Alsop

    I have been paper trading the alerts on the testnet while I wait to be admitted to mainnet. I have done 14 so far and everyone hit my 5 tick target. Some in just a few minutes.

  2. Ray Galea

    Took a hit the other day. I didn’t catch the exit. Overall decent profit so happy enough. Thanks Marcel.

  3. Sophie Khawaja

    Joined today. 2 trades. 2 winners. Superb. Copied Marcel’s trades in his tweet and got the same results exactly –

  4. Alison Adebayo

    I have been following these on the testnet since they started. I can’t wait to get in to mainnet. I missed the big loser as I was dealing with a personal matter. I only have 50K DGTX but even with that I can see this being profitable for me.

  5. Prince Saetang

    I liked your confident tone last night on the short from 9655 so I, like you, left it open. I got the Telegram notification that you closed it – it woke me up – so I did exactly as you said and closed it at 9480. My first trade on mainnet. Thanks.

  6. Peter Camilleri

    I have watched what you are doing in the main Digitex Futures chat but as I am not admitted to mainnet I did not pay much attention. I was just skeptical.

    Could it really be as easy as you made it look? Quote the alert message, reply to it and mostly in 10 minutes you posted you had made 5 ticks but were holding for more. WTF.

    Well, it’s my first day trading your alerts and guess what? You came through. 3 alerts issued by lunch and I actually made 1 tick more than you. LOL. If it continues I’ll take the paid service if I ever get on mainnet. Many, many thanks.

  7. Anaisha Ahuja

    I just took Digibot’s alert an hour ago to sell at 9570. I missed your exit of 9 ticks and ended up with a profit of 80,295 DGTX because I was on the phone. I got out at 9430. I won’t do that again. Or maybe I should? Testnet for me though. I’m on the list for access but it’s a pain. I think I am ignored.

  8. Adib Teoh

    Just my luck. Joined mainnet today and I was itching to get started with these alerts. I missed the first one and got the second to go long from 9470. We are now at 9380. No update in DGTX Uni yet so I will just hold. I will change my rating later if it turns around but not happy right now.

  9. Adib Teoh

    I cannot edit my review above. Please remove it. I was emotional.

    Marcel advised to close 9470 in DGTXUNI at break even. I also caught his 9385 entry at 9395 so made 15 ticks this afternoon when he closed that at 9470 too. Very happy.

    He called the exit just right. So impressive. 5 minutes later we’re down to 9415 but I didn’t care.

  10. Terry

    Loving it. 24 trades for me from digibot and 22 hit my tp. I just look for 5 ticks which means i miss the big moves but it suits me.

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