Fri. May 7th, 2021

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Only Days Left Till the First-Ever NFT Quest and the Run for the $135,000 Prize Fund

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The future of NFT gaming is right around the corner. On May 3rd, 9:00 AM UTC, the main quest of NFT Mania begins! Participants must solve all the riddles to find the keywords hidden within NFTs and all over social media channels to get to the $135,000 prize fund and the collection of digital art.

SpaceSwap, the company behind the NFT quest and its community is buzzing in anticipation of the main event. Meanwhile, contestants can test out the Side Quests. The first lucky winners will enjoy $50 in MILK2 tokens while getting ready for the main event. 

What can you expect from NFT Mania?

NFT Mania is at the crossroads of NFT gaming and NFT galleries, with amazing prizes throughout the whole journey. The main quest is a run for 3 chests where users will find cash prizes and NFT farming cards. Each chest is a wallet that the participants need to restore. To get to the prizes, users will have to solve 12 riddles (per chest), each taking 24 hours to get through. The riddles require users to explore NFTs from famous artists, where the keywords have been hidden, as well as NFT Mania social media channels where the team has left hints and clues. In the end, each participant or team will be left with 12 keywords which when put in the right sequence, will constitute the seed phrase to unlock the chest.

The major difference between traditional NFT gaming and NFT Mania is that participation in this game is completely free, with no entrance fee and no transaction costs. All it takes to start playing is registration with an email. The team behind NFT Mania reports hundreds of submissions, where people are registering to play solo or in a team with their friends.

Aside from the main 3 chests with $20,000, $45,000 and $70,000 in crypto plus NFT cards locked inside, there are even more goodies that players can get. Every 3 days, the team is publishing Side Quest, mini-quests that take only one riddle to solve in order to get to the prize. The task is to find the right answer to a tricky question that will then lead to the keyword hidden in the artwork. The winners of the Side Quests are chosen with a random number generator to even the playing field for every participant.

Getting Over the NFT Rush 

NFT Mania is not just about prizes; the game has a greater vision. The NFT Mania team aims to remind crypto lovers that NFTs are pieces of digital art, so it’s not about speculation, the highest bid or a mere transaction. The quest will compel the participants to get closer to the artists and the meanings they intend to deliver through their art. Each riddle and quest is a clue to an Easter egg hidden in their work. It could be a reference to what inspired the artist or the true meaning of the symbolism in their artwork.

“The response we received to the first Side Quests and the number of registrations for the main game has exceeded our wildest expectations. It proves our point that the market is tired of mere NFT speculations and is ready to appreciate and accept digital art as it is. NFT Mania will play its part in this process” – NFT Mania Management Team.

Don’t miss your chance, join the quest via the NFT Mania website: Join the official Telegram chat to discuss the details and follow SpaceSwap on Twitter to stay in the loop.

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