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Crypto & FX News

EOS’ Blockchain Arbitrator Orders Freeze of 27 Accounts

Posted By David Floyd

For the second time in EOS’ infancy, transactions are being censored. For some, it’s a way to stop scammers. For others, it’s centralized overreach.

Crypto & FX News

Bitcoin Price Falls Below $6,000 to Hit New Low for 2018

Posted By Sam Ouimet

The price of bitcoin slid below $6,000 on Friday, hitting a new low for 2018.

Crypto & FX News

Bitcoin’s Price Hit Its Lowest Point Since Early February

Posted By Sam Ouimet

The price of bitcoin fell to levels last seen on February 6th of this year following news of security concerns with Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges.

Crypto & FX News

Bitfinex’s Chief Strategy Officer Leaves Crypto Exchange

Posted By Nikhilesh De

Crypto exchange Bitfinex’s chief strategy officer Phil Potter is leaving the firm, Reuters reported Friday.

Crypto & FX News

US Senate Hearing Will Look at Crypto’s Impact on Elections

Posted By Madeline Meng Shi

The U.S. policymakers will look into potential risks that digital currencies could pose to the American democracy.

Crypto & FX News

Litecoin Sinks to Lowest Price in 7 Months

Posted By Omkar Godbole

Litecoin’s (LTC) price hit a seven-month low on Friday as the cryptocurrency markets turned risk-averse.

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