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Forex Trading Seminars

Lion Asset Management Forex Trading Seminars

Forex Trading Seminars

Posted By Forex Seminars launched in July 2010 and are dedicated to supporting private investors and traders by providing independent training and education, and facilitating access to the companies supplying relevant products and services, and potential investment opportunities.

Both Lion Asset Management and our parent company – Carlyle and Day – have a well-established and successful history of producing events for private investors, beginning in 1985 when our founder launched his first business specialising in unit trusts and asset backed securities. We now deliver one-day investment workshops in the UK, Malta and Monaco for up to 50 delegates each day. The aim is to provide delegates with professional training on topics ranging from fundamental and technical analysis, to portfolio diversification and asset allocation. In depth training is also provided on MetaTrader 4 which is the Most Popular Forex Trading Platform in the world together with setting up automated strategies using Alerts.

Our founder comments:

Having spent most of my working life speaking with and listening to private investors, I am acutely aware of the need for access to professional financial education and information. From the basics for those looking to begin creating their own portfolio, or to start trading, right through to the more sophisticated and riskier areas – such as early-stage investment in growth companies, and the more complicated financial instruments – investors can always learn more.

It is my belief that by creating a well-educated, informed and wise investor base through our forex seminars in the UK, Malta and Monaco, together with our Skype and Facetime conferences we help to create wealth, not only for the investors themselves, but for the companies, the product and service providers and the market in general.


You can also be part of a historical forex championship with cash prizes that equate to 1 million dollars in total!

If you want to win serious cash prizes, come and join a series of 10 qualifying rounds of contests (one each month). You can to trade your way to a semi-final and final round, which will be on live TV! The final round will be held in Thailand, where you can trade your way to a prize pool of $500,000 with XM covering all travel expenses for the qualifiers.

XM clients can enter for free, and the top traders will be able to qualify to the semi-final and final round. Get involved for your chance to win huge cash prizes!

Skype Lion Asset Management

Skype MeAdd me to SkypeSend me a file is the industry's premier Forex Alert service and we keep traders abreast of intraday forex market movements. We help you make instant trading decisions which are based on our traders' views of global economic data, technical studies and FX price fluctuations. Check out our strategy.

We have regular forex seminars in Malta and UK for educational purposes to assist you with the setup and forex trading in general or sessions can be booked via Skype or Facetime.

Please subscribe on the Register button below for a free 7 day trial. Alerts are sent by SMS direct to your mobile immediately.

Many clients set their systems to automatically trade all our FX Alerts. We can provide assistance to do this if you’re unsure. FX50 SMS Alerts are no longer sent when trades are opened and closed when you become a paid subscriber so why not set up your mobile to receive alerts direct from your account now?

You don’t need to spend the time building your own strategy. Developing your own trading strategy can be a time consuming process. It has taken us over 15 years to get to where we are today.

You save time placing trades and monitoring the markets. In addition to not having to take the time to develop a trading strategy, you can save time by not having to follow and execute trades.

Once set up - and we can help - trading is set and forget.

All our trades are automatically copied into your account.

You diversify your risk.

This method of trading is a low-cost alternative to traditional money management. In the past, if you wanted an experienced trader to trade on your behalf, you would need to go through a hedge fund or managed account structure - with significantly higher fees.

No paperwork required. There is no messy or difficult paperwork to go through to get started on copying signals.

You maintain complete control of your account. The account you use is in your name, so you do not need to give a power of attorney to anyone.

Did I mention we can help? We can set you up in 30 minutes to trade our signals for a one off fee of £99. It will probably save you a lot of time and heartache. Please click the Register button below to get started today.

If you wish to open a forex brokerage account XM give you $30 worth of credit just for opening your first Real Account. This allows you to test their products and services with no investment and no risk. You can open an account XM here.

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