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Game of Thrones Star Confirms First Bitcoin Purchase to 2.7m Followers

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  • Bitcoin is once again going mainstream as it nears its previous all-time high at $20,000.
  • The actress behind the Ayra Stark character of Game of Thrones recently bought Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Purchased by Game of Thrones Star

Bitcoin is once again going mainstream as it nears its previous all-time high at $20,000.

Maisie Williams, the Game of Thrones actress behind the Ayra Stark character, shared this tweet the other day. It is her asking if she should go long on Bitcoin, along with a poll with a “yes” and a “no” option. Over the span of a day, the poll received 900,000 votes, with a bit less than half saying “yes” and the rest saying “no.”

Her tweet didn’t get that much engagement considering her 2.7 million followers. Still, there were some notable responses and interactions in the thread.

For one, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, responded by posting a link to a The Onion article about Bitcoin. He’s done this many times in the past, as he often likes to play fun with the cryptocurrency space on Twitter.

Many in the crypto space also responded to the thread. Executives of the space were quick to respond mentioning their own products, or trying to paint Bitcoin in a good light.

Whether or not she read the comments, Williams proceeded to buy Bitcoin the day after. What’s funny with this, of course, is the fact that the majority of the poll respondents voted “no” to her question about buying Bitcoin.

As far as we know, she’s up on her investment thus far. Assuming she bought at the time of her tweet, she’s up around 4.5% on her investment assuming no fees.

Far From the Only Celebrity

She’s far from the only celebrity to have recently dabbled in Bitcoin.

In a livestream video for a charity foundation, Kevin Hart joked on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrencies as a whole:

“We don’t take the voodoo. So if you’re out here trying to give us the voodoo money, we don’t, what? We do take the voodoo. Oh wait, this is actually take cryptocurrencies — I’m told it’s a legit investment worth almost $250 billion. Okay yeah, we do take it. Ok, we take it.”

Kanye also recently said that he thinks the leading cryptocurrency is a powerful technology, not referencing its price in any way. The artist commented to Joe Rogan:

“A lot of the tech guys can use these new highways, these new information highways, to create the next frontier of humanity.”

It is unclear if the two own Bitcoin.

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