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2016 was an exceptional year for growth. Carlyle and Day together with Lion Asset Management have now been fully merged and all clients may manage their accounts in one place.

Client accounts will simply be managed under our website name of

Log in details are unchanged.

2016 also saw the launch of FX Alerts due to popular demand which are perfect for the non sophisticated or non HNW forex trader who wants to be kept informed of the most important market updates, but can’t be “glued” to the screens all day. Lion Asset Management provides just the right mix of FX analysis and trading signals. A set and forget service was also launched.

Our main funds remain closed to new clients except by recommendation from an existing client. And have been since 2006. Our managed forex trading strategies are backed up by extensive research and analysis, and we have a highly disciplined approach to deploying these strategies. Our compliance procedure means we only deal with HNW individuals and investment professionals who are exempt as set out in Article 14 of the UK Financial Services and Markets Act 2001 (Promotion of Collective Investment Schemes) (Exemptions) Order 2001.

The funds referred to on this website are unregulated collective investment schemes within the meaning of Section 235 of the UK Financial Services & Markets Act 2000. As such they are not regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority or any other regulatory authority. is restricted by Section 21 and by Section 238 of the Act respectively and can only promote the Funds to certain categories of person.

If you have been referred by an existing client please contact us here.

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