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Angelo Galasso Collaborates With Altered.tv to Venture Into NFTs

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Angelo Galasso founded his eponymous luxury goods and jewelry brand in 2009 as an answer to the modern man’s high expectations in quality, design, and luxury. Headquartered in London and manufactured in Italy, the products of Angelo Galasso include wardrobe, shoes, and gift accessories. 

But, if you visit the brand’s website, you will discover a separate segment for AG NFTs.

In a significant recent development, the brand has released its first collection of NFTs to reinforce the uniqueness of its products steeped in craftsmanship and reminiscent of a world of exclusive garments created by couturiers keeping only one client in mind.  

To carry out this project, Angelo Galasso has collaborated with the famous digital artist Doc Lee. Doc Lee hails from the well-known design and motion graphics creator firm altered.tv and has the experience of working on similar initiatives with brands like Jaguar, Disney, Cartier, and more. EdenBase Innovation, a generation 2.0 ecosystem, specialized in empowering industries with frontier technologies, will help produce the collection.

When asked about this collaboration, Doc Lee said that he was very excited to be approached by Angelo Galasso to work on this innovative project.” Doc Lee, whose real name is Lee Robinson, also found Angelo Galasso’s idea of leveraging the concept of NFTs to create “an original piece of art in conjunction with an original item of luxury fashion” to be “unique and paradigm-shifting.”

The initial Genesis collection will come on OpenSea, a marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). There will be 24 NFT items, each representing a unique art piece designed by Doc Lee along with a best-in-class item specifically designed by Angelo Galasso for the collection.

For instance, NFTs would include AG City Backpack, made from personalized grain reinforced canvas and printed with a geometric motif showing Angelo Galasso’s iconic AG Dragon Logo. An exquisitely engraved egg button detail, indicating the product’s association with NFT art, would be a vital part of these fashion items, including the backpack.

Apart from the backpack, the items would also include a crypto credit card wallet and a key or hardware wallet ring. While the backpack will have five NFT pairs, the credit card wallet will have seven, and the keyring twelve. 

Those who will win the auction for these items on Open Sea qualify for free delivery of the product anywhere in the world, free of cost. Even Angelo Galasso will also refund the gas costs spent in the purchase of the NFT. Other than getting the items delivered, the auction winners can also pick them up from the Angelo Galasso store, Knightsbridge in London. 

According to Luce Pepere, the CEO of Angelo Galasso, this project is the brand’s first-hand experiment with new technologies such as blockchain and NFT’s. It wants to try out the potential of these technologies in helping the “fashion industry reduce counterfeiting and give customers an even better brand experience.” A part of the sale proceeds will go to an environmental charity, helping offset part of the carbon footprint associated with the NFT.

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