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A new era in content distribution: The AIOZ Network reaches 20,000 nodes

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The AIOZ network has recently achieved a significant milestone that will help reinvent the way we all consume and think about content. Having reached over 20,000 network nodes throughout the globe, AIOZ Network is positioning itself as a fully-fledged content distribution network.

Founded by Erman Tjiputra, the AIOZ Network has been a self-funded venture that has been in the works for several years, having recently conducted a decentralized fundraising campaign (Initial Decentralized Offering), and quickly becoming the most successful blockchain project of 2021.

With +50,000 community members and +20,000 token holders, AIOZ Network is now positioned to blow over the competition and to bring blockchain technology to mainstream usage in the world of content delivery. Erman Tjiputra stated: 

“The AIOZ Network is at the genesis of a re-evolution in streaming, the rebirth of an evolution. I believe that this milestone in terms of the node count growth is just one of the many more to come for AIOZ Network and for the future of blockchain-based content distribution networks”

Decentralized Content Delivery Networks (dCDNs)

Current internet usage is blowing off the capacity of traditional models that work based on the centralized cloud, leaving us with problems such as, low-grade video quality with high loading times, costly infrastructure and lack of scalability. Which, in the end, leads to a poor user experience.

Decentralized Content Delivery Networks (dCDNs) are a fairly new concept. They leverage blockchain, smart contracts and peer-to-peer (p2p) technologies to improve on the content centralized model, where content is stored and distributed by centralized servers. These infrastructures are used by systems like Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, and others. 

The major advantages of AIOZ Network dCDN are: cost efficiency, since the computers run on a peer-to-peer system, computational costs are distributed. The number of nodes can continue to grow indefinitely, resulting in easy and simple scalability that is secured by blockchain incentives, the latter of which are created by the distribution of the $AIOZ token, used to reward nodes, viewers, creators and more. As the network grows in size, so does its security and monetization potential, given the increase demand and use of the token.

The road ahead

AIOZ Network has built a native dApp, AIOZ tube which is already live and aims to deliver rewards to all the parties involved, from content creators to advertisers and viewers.  Content creators can monetize by sharing revenue from advertisers that subsequently show their ads to reach potential customers. As for the user, he is rewarded with tokens for watching his favourite content. The dApp aims to serve as an example of how applications can function on the AIOZ network ecosystem.

Apart from AIOZ tube, the network is already preparing a subscription video service that allows users to stream their favourite shows and movies while getting rewarded. Broadcasting will also be made possible through AIOZ TV, turning real life events into businesses and streaming any moment for coins. Another example, existing and future businesses can follow.

However, it’s important to note that the AIOZ Network does not aim to compete with services like Youtube or Netflix, but rather to provide a better infrastructure for these to seamlessly switch to and to provide whole new possibilities for fairer and more relationships between the viewer, the content creators, and the platforms themselves, creating whole new monetization, gamification and reward models to the industry.  

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