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  • Why should you lose? With the king of the jungle on your side you won't!
  • We provide our clients with honest, reliable, innovative lead solutions.
  • Debt consolidation leads, mortgage leads, and remortgage leads.
  • Real time leads, surveyed leads, opt-in leads and phone interviewed leads   
  • Leads are generated through Web Positioning and Pay-Per-Click Advertising.
  • We never churn leads.

The Lion's Share...

 At Lion Lead Management we provide our clients with honest, reliable, innovative lead solutions. Providing our clients with below wholesale pricing on debt consolidation leads, mortgage leads, remortgage leads, real time leads, surveyed leads, opt-in leads, phone interviewed leads and more has been a trademark of our success. We currently have lead generation programs running in UK, Mainland Europe, USA, Australia and Canada.

We cut out the middle man

We can provide you the highest quality lead at the most economical price by CUTTING OUT THE MIDDLE MAN. Many lead companies buy and sell leads for a profit between each other. Their leads might have been used dozens of times. We come from that background so we really know how it works. In fact, you might even be buying from such a company right now. We have a very small client base and ONLY licence each lead to one client. We NEVER sell our leads to other lead companies so we always retain control. Therefore by purchasing directly from us, you get better, high quality leads, for less. And your potential clients won't be fed up with calls or email when they've already said they don't want to be contacted again.

We never churn leads.

All initial contact is made by us and when a removal request is made we honour it. The client's record is deleted. Permanently. Simple really. We don't annoy the people that respond to our marketing, you don't have your sales people being "negged" out by yet another crap call and you, the client, don't feel you're wasting your money sourcing leads from us.

You may have reached this website through one of our affiliated websites we use for lead generation. Thanks for dropping by.

At present, due to the high quality of our leads, we are NOT seeking new clients. We will never reduce lead quality to fulfill client demand. However , if you have a project in mind please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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